Megamex is a metal supplier for hastelloy, monel, inconel, stainless steel, carbon steel, metal fabrication, nickel alloys, and more.

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Complete Metal Fabrication Services

MEGA MEX offers any kind of metal fabrication you may need, including metal cutting and other processing services…to your exact specifications only.

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  • Plasma cutting (+/-1/32")
  • Oxyacetylene cutting (+/-1/16")
  • Laser cutting (+/-0.002")
  • Water Jet (+/-0.005")
  • Saws (+/-1/16")
  • Custom services: Pipe and Tube Bending, Punching, Welding, Angle Rolling (Max 6" x 6" X 1" leg out)

Saw Cutting

You can have us purchase and process the metal for you or send us your own materials.

Would you like a quote on metal fabrication or processing? Send us your drawings by fax, mail or e-mail for a free estimate.

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If 'you' can draw it and it can be made of sheet metal or metal plate, Mega Mex can make your product a reality. Mega Mex fabricates products from 3" and lighter carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum metal. Some of our popular custom metal fabrication products include air ducts, chutes, concrete forms, hoppers, storage stacks, storage tanks and much more. Let Mega Mex manufacturer your fabrication needs.

Metal Cone

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Man using a grinder

Fabrication Job

Plasma Cutting

Rolled and Tacked Pipe

Fabrication Job


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