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A Domestic and International Metals Supplier

Established and Experienced

Since MEGA MEX was founded in 1990, the company has experienced consistent growth, reflecting customer satisfaction with the products and services received. Management has decades of experience in the metals industry, having worked for many years with the largest steel service company in the USA. Mega Mex is respected for their dedication to serving customers with honesty and steadfast fairness. The firm is consistently growing and is ready to serve you.

Well-connected with manufacturers and financially stable, MEGA MEX can find virtually any type of metal product you need and get it fast. Typically, we inventory several thousand tons of metals.

Is there a brand or alloy that you cannot find? Ask us.

About Mega Mex
Providing International Expertise

Providing International Expertise

Since 1990, MEGA MEX has been a superior source of quality metal products for markets in Mexico, Central and South America. This vast experience allows us to promptly dispose of the complexities in moving product from the USA to customers abroad. Mega Mex is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand further into the global market.

In both reputation and performance, our letters of credit are unmatched; assuring you a smooth and expeditious delivery.